Goodlyfe Beat Up Journalist; Face Media Black Out (Moze Radio and Weasel)

Goodlyfe crew members Monday night beat up Lwasama Ojambo, a presenter on Star TV and Dembe FM, over allegations that he had stolen Goodlyfe singer Mozey Radio’s mobile phone.

The incident happened during the fading Goodlyfe Nite at Hi Table bar on Kampala Road.

It all started when the Goodlyfe members, led by Mozey Radio, confronted Lwasama, who was seated alone on a table in the bar.

They accused him of stealing Mozey’s phone, an accusation he denied. They then ordered him to vacate his seat and the club. He told them that he did not see reason to do so as he was free to seat anywhere in the club.The Goodlyfe crew are behaving like thugs

In the ensuing fracas, the brawl got physical and Lwasama sustained injuries on the head and teeth. He was subsequently admitted to Kadic Hospital, Bukoto branch. He reported the case at Central Police Station.

This is not the first time a journalist has fallen prey to aggressive musicians, especially the Goodlyfe. Many entertainment journalists and photojournalists have been brutalized by artistes or/and their cronies while on duty or while they are going on about their business. No record of physical aggression by a journalist against an artiste has been recorded however.

The union of entertainment and society writers in Uganda Society Press Club (SPC) has condemned the incident and warned the culprits of possible legal action.

“We highly condemn these brutal, unprovoked acts of violence against our colleagues. It is not just unlawful but in bad taste as we both (journalists and artistes) need each other – we in the daily execution of our duties and they in the successful pursuit of their careers,” said Organising Secretary Miles Rwamiti.

“As an indication of our seriousness towards putting a stop to this brutality, we have resolved to put a total ban on coverage of all Goodlyfe activities across all our platforms until they come out and apologize publicly for their heinous act. They should also foot Lwasama’s hospital bills,” vowed Rwamiti.

“We hope this will serve as a lesson to all musicians who have a tendency towards violence against journalists.”

The media blackout has been welcomed by all society journalists including entertainment editor Dorothy Aine.

She said: “Harassing society reporters is not only illegal but also unacceptable. The artistes who mercilessly thumped Lwasama must quickly apologise and foot his medical bills lest we shall not offer any other coverage of their activities.”

She also threatened to mobilize the mighty news website’s army of two millions readers to shun Moze Radio and Weasel’s music concerts in future.

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