Turkish tourist Emin Baro and one of his victim

Ugandans Ask Mbabazi To Re-Arrest Pedophile Tourist

The dangerous Turkish tourist Emin Baro and one of his victim!!

A lenient sentence of two years handed down to shameless Turkish pedophile Emin Baro has sparked national outrage.

Ugandans on social networks Twitter and Facebook are desperately asking Premier Amama Mbabazi to cause the re-arrest of Baro who is expected to be released today after paying a meager fine of Shs6m despite pleading guilty to child pornography charges.

Herbert Tumushabe Tweeted: “RT Hon Prime Minister, this is too much, how can we release someone who has molested children, act Sir by ordering his re-arrest.”

Mubatsi Asinja followed suit: “We can do it Let each Ugandan on Twitter tweet to Amama Mbabazi about 50 girls molested by Emin Baro to stop EminBaro Shs6 million release.”

Annoyed Ugandans took to Facebook to vent out their frustrations with the weak and impotent judicial system.

The country has further been enraged by reports that Baro was in 2009 charged by a Malindi Court in Kenya for defiling a 15 year old girl.

Kenya’s Standard reported yesterday that Baro on the night of January8 and 9 2009, at Kenya Mpya lodging at Malindi town in Malindi district, he defiled a 15-year old girl without her consent.

The police, acting on a tip off, arrested Emin in the lodge. Malindi OD chief John

Kariuki said the tourist confessed that the girl had been handed to him by her mother. He claimed the girl’s mother asked him to teach her sex and marry her when she turned 18.

But the girl’s mother denied the allegation, saying Emin had offered to help the pupil get admission to a school in Machakos but took off to Malindi

Kariuki said the officers found Emin naked inside one of the rooms of the brothel after forcing the door open as the girl, who was also naked, lay in bed.

Police publicist Asuman Mugenyi has revealed the dangerous tourist will be arrested upon release.

Police authorities say the unruly Emin, 53, sneaked into Uganda six years ago as a tourist.  He pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography under Section 23 of the Computer Misuse Act 2011 on Tuesday before Nakawa Grade One Magistrate Rosemary Bareebe.

While the law provides for 15 years imprisonment or a fine not exceeding Shs7.2 million upon conviction, Bareebe ruled that by pleading guilty, the tourist had encouraged her to be lenient thus ordering a two year sentence or Shs6 million fine.


Joachim Buwembo says: “The new official price for safely defiling little girls in our country has been set (by legal precedent) at only Shs12,000 per little girl you defile and smartly plead guilty. Abuse 50 of them and the price comes to 6m, not even a deportation order if you are a foreigner. Just continue defiling and paying 12k per victim.”

Johnson Mujungu: “STOP! This Turk paedophile, Emin Baro, who sexually abused 50 Ugandan girls aged below 10 years, took their photographs, recorded them on video and uploaded them to internet has reportedly paid the fine and will be released tomorrow. You/We can help stop this. Spread the word!”

Andrew Mwanguhya says: “Where are the Child Rights NGOs in this Emin Baro, the Turkish Sex tourist and child porn fiend? Can they stand up to be counted? Where is MP David Bahati of the gays Bill whose major purpose is to defend children? Where is Pastor Martin Ssempa. Because this is real and in the open more than homosexuality.

Julie Nabwire charges: “Miscarriage of justice. I swear if it was a Ugandan, a moneyless one at that, he would have been locked up and the keys thrown away.”

Summy Namaganda: “What do the laws in other countries stipulate, and has anyone tried to locate the victims? They could be minors but their parents have something to say.”

Perez Rumanzi: “The best law in Uganda is mob!

Hazel Nnalongo: “My heart is bleeding. I am in so much pain every time I read something about this imbecile.”

Brenda Nabbosa: “Maybe this guy is part of a crime syndicate peddling porn, child sex workers and laundering money. Enough ranting lets work backwards and create the real profile.”

Bob Kisiki: “This thing… I thought it would go, but it kept me depressed the whole day. A friend in legal circles exonerated the girl who did this abominable thing by saying magistrates have a limit beyond which they can sentence offenders. So why ask them to handle certain cases which would demand a harsh punishment? Why, for goodness’ sake? Can’t the State appeal this case? Can’t Ugandans protest?

Charlotte Kemigyisha: “So this pedophile destroys the innocence of 50 children, is caught in action & sentenced to 2years in jail or subjected to a fine of 6M…. Of course he pays and he is to be released tomorrow! Oh Uganda! Where are we headed? Legal fraternity – can we not be saved from this madness and possible extinction?!

Vincent Nyeko: “The law needs revision. Otherwise, this is such a grave offence that the punishment as it is now is a joke. Here in the US, it would have been at least 30 plus yrs given the gravity of the offence and number of kids involved, not forgetting their ages. These are kids below 10 yrs, not like someone nearing their 18th birthday!!”

Ronald Muhinda: “Headed into darkness i guess!! And i mean moral darkness!!”

James Gwabya: “What an injustice to the poor souls and their families! It’s a farce.”

Lutalo Bbosa: “Dan Stop complaining, the cost of child molesting in Uganda has at least gone up from Shs5 in 1990’s to  Shs120,000/= or 14.222 days in prison!!!”

Wolfgang H. Thome: “That is one case where the lights should be put out permanently … and I make no apologies for that comment …”

Agaba Rugaba: “Apparently the judge gave a light sentence because the chap pleaded guilty, didnt deny the offences blah blah blah. They are used to letting defilers, rapists and the architects of child-sacrifice get off the hook. This was just another day at the office for this judge! Flawed all the way”

Edgar Muvunyi Tabaro: “Who makes laws- is it the legal fraternity?? Your missile is directed towards them.”

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