66 year old herbalist who has 48 wives and 200 children,BATTLE WITH CHILDREN WHO ARE PASTORS

Heavy trouble is currently raging in the family of Chief Simon Odo (a.k.a Satan is Sleeping). The 66 year old herbalist who has 48 wives and 200 children, is in a running battle with some of his children.

One of the trouble is that his children have insisted he must repent and give up the business but to no avail. Over time, seven of them were ordained pastors at the Lord’s Chosen Pentecostal Church, while many of them took after their father in his business.
However, the ordination of the pastors brought about a radical Christian awakening in the extra-large family of Chief Simon Odo. Consequently, there had been a simmering misunderstanding between the pastors and their father regarding his herbal practice.

Last February, Chief Simon lost one of his wives and made arranged for the burial programme, but his pastor sons rejected. They even organized a prayer programme for her burial.

In the confusion that ensued, the pastors and some of his children were said to have manhandled their father and tore his clothes to shreds. The herbalist have therefore taken the matter to the police.

“The beating is unacceptable and I cannot tolerate it and that was why I sought police intervention to prosecute them,” the herbalist father said.

Chief Simon’s trouble, according to a source, started two years ago when he allegedly discovered that one of the so-called pastors had sexual relationship with one of his wives (name withheld), explaining that when he accosted him, the son reacted by mobilizing others to rebel against him.

Chief Simon argued that if his pastor sons’ repentance was to be making love to their father’s wife, then such repentance is evil before the creator of heaven and earth. He vowed to take his children to court for beating him.

The herbalist claimed that his children are lazy, looking for his wives to sleep with.

Reacting to their father’s allegation, one of the seven pastors (name withheld) said his problem with their father was because he does not want to take care of his children, claiming he only gave birth to them and abandoned them to their fate.
I hear the family might appear in court soon

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