STAR ACTRESS, OMONI OBOLI LAUNCHES ‘The Omoni Oboli Foundation’ @omonioboli

First off the back i must say we love the beautiful  Omoni Oboli

she an angel in human skin….like seriously we cant rain enough compliments on her the multi award winning star actress has been doing her part by giving back to the society

how nice

‘The Omoni Oboli Foundation’


Nollywood star actress, Omoni Oboli has launched her new Foundation called ‘The Omoni Oboli Foundation’!

Over the weekend, the star with her Foundation reached out to some street children by throwing a party with fun, dance, ministry, mentorship and medical care. The initiative for the celebration was by the Star Actress , Omoni Oboli, who thought to celebrate her birthday with the less privileged children living in the streets. Her birthday was celebrated on Sunday, the 22nd of April, with the children who happen to live and sleep in the streets of Lagos. The fun day was well attended by many boys from the streets, with just a few girls some of who were mostly pregnant.


The children were organised by Child Lifeline, an NGO that cares for the plight of the street children by providing a meal a day for the children and also accommodation to some of them. Omoni Oboli Foundation partnered with them to bring this day to pass. Also at hand to lend a great helping hand was the Live Well Initiative (LWI). They came with a team of medical professionals to examine, deworm the children, give them vitamins and other non-prescription drugs.



Omoni with some of the younger children

GSK and NBL supported with drinks and also toothpaste for the children. Many friends and partners of Omoni Oboli Foundation were there to help with the organisation of the event.

There was music by a DJ and lots of dancing. There was food, snacks, drinks, cake and the children all left with a gift pack. Altogether, the children seemed to have a lot of fun, going by their expressions all through the event. It was an all day event, ending at about 6pm.

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