The sun newspaper make more than news with headline mocking Roy Hodgson’s speech impediment @rupertmurdoch, @thesunnewspaper

loads of backlash from twitter on this one read comment from trend The Sun’s

@rhjames164 looks like the press are going to kill off another England manager and he’s only a day into his job #lovelyjournos

orwegian Musings ‏ @normusings

The Sun’s cover making fun of Roy Hodgson’s speech impediment is truly shocking. I’m lost for words.

zopalok ‏ @zopalok

I think the SUN’s front page is tactless and offensive.Who gives a toss how Hodgson rolls his r’s.Typical SUN having a pop at people

John Bradley ‏ @JBcommentator

Is that the Sun’s official reaction to their paid columnist Harry Redknapp not getting the job…to try & humiliate the new man inside a day

Damon Gray ‏ @dammydodger

The Sun’s front page headline for tomorrow is beyond distasteful.

Liam McKinnon ‏ @liammckinnon

The Sun’s ‘Woy’ gag was unfunny. THIS is just out of order, esp seeing as there HAS been a managerial suicide this year

Dan Silver ‏ @DanSilverMirror

Admittedly I run the least respectful newspaper Twitter feed in existence, but even I’m feeling queasy about the Sun’s front page tomorrow

James Goldman ‏ @James_Journo

The Sun’s front page. Pathetic.

Steven Riley ‏ @rileysteve14

While crass and immature, I don’t really think there’s much malice behind The Sun’s ‘Woy’ headline. Doubt Hodgson even cares.

Andrew G ‏ @AndyPRG

Even by The Sun’s standards that front page is badly judged. Just personal abuse because their choice 4 England manager didn’t getthe job.

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