Female Robber stripped Naked In Abuja street Justice

Female Robber Nabbed in Abuja.

She led a team of robbers in a car to rob a female passenger like her, luck ran out of her as probing eyes watched for a distance her operation and sympathisers swooped on them rescuing the victim who was later Identified as Obiageli.

This lady was apprehended out of the five of them as she could not escape thinking phonetics would save her while others ran away.

Na ha Nakedness she take pay the price.

Inside the ash coloured Nissan Sunny were loads of ATM cards, Passports of various persons, her bag contained “many phone” an eyewitness said.

This incident happened at the AREA 11 TRAFFIC LIGHT where they were held by traffic as they were been chased. It happend today, at about 2:00pm. [pix from George Onmonya Daniel]. **@LizMani My comment is**BUT WHY!!! THEY DIDNT HAVE TO STRIP HER!!!!*** JUST PUT HER A** IN JAIL!! ANY LITTLE THING THEY STRIP WOMEN!!! AND WE SAY WE ARE CIVILIZED!!!! FCUK THAT!!!! That’s Not JUSTICE! THATS JUNGLE JUSTICE When We Are Not AniMaLs LivinG iN The Jungle!!!! Tee Ali’s comment Things aint gonna change in Nigeria u steal they steal your dignity @RealTeeAli

5 thoughts on “Female Robber stripped Naked In Abuja street Justice

  1. honestly it serves her right, is high time justice is given to people who will rob openly and take away your valuables.

  2. I think people are missing here. I am not in support of robbery, and to some extent in support of jungle justice but if there’s anything that can be done aside striping naked, beating to the point of death and burning, i am in support of that. But wait a minute, why do we have law enforcement agencies if we are really suppose to be taking justice to our hands. Are we saying, the police are no longer effective, does it mean that the court of law has been cut short of its highly revered power of attorney. Pls let’s leave justice to the appropriate bodies to take the right decision nd disciplinary action.

    1. I go accord! This is inhumane way of treating a female person. It sadistic!
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