IYANYA “Ur Waist” Feat. Emma Nyra. @Iyanya

“Ur Waist” Feat. Emma Nyra.

A Capital Dreams Pictures production, shot on location at SunTan Beach, Lagos, Nigeria.

The Director, Clarence Peters gave life to the song, resulting to the crystal clear visuals. The scenery totally compliments the rhythm of the song. Much credits to D’Tunes the producer of the beat.

Fantastic video and crème scenes accompanied with the sleek moves display… It’s a must watch! 

Here’s the link for the video:

YouTube –  http://youtu.be/94cFx9Y7LQU

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MOBILE DOWNLOAD LINK– UR WAIST VIDEO– http://duoberry.net/mp4link-94cFx9Y7LQU/title/Iyanya—Ur-Waist-Video

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