Gunplay Plans To Start Escort Biz

Gunplay Plans To Start Escort Biz

Gunplay has a plan in case this rap thing doesn’t pan out. The Maybach Music rapper revealed in a convo with Future Off Florida that he is looking to launch his own high-class escort business.

“P*ssy is never out of season, that sh*t just goes. There’s never a drought, there’s never a decline in sales. It’s just how you gonna get more. P*ssy been selling before. That was the first thing that was selling. It was church and p*ssy. That’s the only thing that was getting money back in the day, and it still is to this day. Church and p*ssy,” Gunplay said. “So with my escort service, I’m changing the name because of some legal issues, but it’s gonna be called H.U.S.H. — Have U Seen Her. It’s trademarked, I already got that. We starting in January. We launching. It’s based outta L.A. We tryna get the best of the best. Exotic b*tches. We have to keep it civilized, so it’ll be H.U.S.H. video vixens and so forth and so forth.”

“What’s the roster? It’s gonna be those high class girls, man. It’s gonna be girls that you can’t even believe selling,” he added. “You’re gonna be like, ‘Baby, how are you even selling yourself like this? I can’t believe it. Can I save you?’ And they’re gonna be like, ‘No, I have to report to Don Logan, he’s my savior.’

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