Convicted Rapist Fighting For Visitation Rights With The Child He Fathered During The Attack…Should He Be Allowed?


A man convicted of raping and impregnating a teenage girl now says it is his legal right to form a relationship with the child he fathered since he admitted to fathering the baby and will be required to pay child support.



FoxNews reports:

A Massachusetts man is seeking visitation rights to the child he fathered after raping a 14-year-old girl, setting the stage for a legal battle in the Bay State.

The teen mother was raped by the 20-year-old family friend three years ago and says she still suffers from severe anxiety and depression. She says she is terrified at the prospect of having any dealings with her tormentor, reports

“All this family wants is to cut the cord. Get the rapist out of their lives,” said Wendy Murphy, attorney for family of rape victim. The victim and her family are fighting back, saying the toddler’s biological father is only showing interest in the family now that the child support bill is coming due.

“She got raped at 14. She decided to keep her baby. And now she has to hand her baby over for a visit with her rapist?” the victim’s mother told the station.

This is just outright craziness. There wouldn’t even be a child if this savage didn’t rape this poor teenage girl in the first place; but on the other hand, there is the issue of the child being able to at least have some type of relationship with the biological father.

Do you think this man should be allowed to visit the child he fathered during a rape?


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