“Women Shouldn’t Have Kids To Collect Checks… Be Able To Stand On Your Own!” Nia Long

Nia’s right but… isn’t it kinda easy to say all that when she’s still getting residual checks for doing “Boyz N Da Hood” twenty years ago?

Via TheRoot.com:

At her appearance as a supporter of Planned Parenthood during the group’s CBCF luncheon, Nia Long credited her own free-spirited upbringing with her child-rearing approach. The actress — who shared that scripts for sequels to two of her most beloved films, Love Jones and The Best Man, are in the works — told The Root that her parents never shied away from discussing the birds and the bees with her, and she said she won’t with her sons, either. “As soon as I think anything’s going on, there will be a big sit-down and a box of condoms!”

Long, who has faced criticism for her choice to have children before marrying and appearing to celebrate it in her recent appearance on the cover of Essence magazine, was emphatic that she is a proponent of proper family planning. She noted that while she has never married, she has been conscious of making choices that are conscientious and ensure that her children are safe and secure, both emotionally and financially. She also added that she has a wonderful and involved co-parent for her children, so she is not doing it alone.

“I think women need to be responsible before making the choice [to become a parent] and do it for the right reasons. If you’re going to have a baby to save a relationship, that doesn’t work. If you’re going to have a baby to collect a check from someone else, that’s not the right thing. You have to be responsible and be able to stand on your own,” said Long.

Do you agree? Even if a woman can stand on her own, isn’t it better for a child to be raised by both parents?

In that case, should a woman HAVE to be able to stand on her own or is it just best to wait until she has an ideal mate or co-parent?

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