Married woman caught red handed in bed with her boss photos

The love of money, is the fruit of ALL evil (emphasis mine). Every evil act is prompted by the love of money, no exception and that ungodly love, usually leads its victim on the long and tortuous journey to self destruction and perdition.

According to the story, the woman whose head is bowed in shame in the picture below, got a job courtesy of her husband so they could have money to feed and run the family until such a time that he can sort out hisfinancial mess. The man who offered her the job did so after much prompting and several pleas from her husband.

Caught In The Act: The Woman Burying Her Head In Shame While Her Boss Watches In Surprise

In typical human fashion, pride crept in and the woman became full of herself and no longer respected her husband due to his financial incapacitation. She began to keep late nights and her husband suspected she was seeing another man.

Acting on a tip off, the husband and his friends laid ambush for her at her love nest where she was caught red-handed in the act – with the man who is supposed to be her boss.

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