Brent Cross Robbery: Motorcycle Smash & Grab


Tuesday 6th November 2012

Armed robbers have targeted a jewellers in Brent Cross Shopping Centre this morning.

brent cross robbery
Image: @billythebee99

Eyewitnesses told LBC 97.3 they saw three men on motorbikes carrying weapons – believed to be axes – at the North-West London mall. They are understood to have targeted Fraser Hart jewellers.

Brent Cross is open, although part of it has been cordoned off by police.

LBC 97.3 reporter Kath Stanczyszyn explained: “An elderly man has beentreated for shock after four people on three motorbikes raided Brent Cross Shopping Centre.

“The four people were armed with axes and bats, but no guns were seen.”

Eyewitness Billy Grant told LBC 97.3 what he saw. He said: “As I was just about to walk into Brent Cross, a security guard stopped me and said ‘Sorry, you can’t come in, there’s been an incident’ and I saw the doors had been smashed in on the way in.

“They told me to go around and cross through John Lewis and I noticed all the shutters were pulled down – people couldn’t get out.”

A Met Police statement said: “We were called shortly after 10:15 hrs on Tuesday 6 November re reports of an armed robbery at a jewellers in Brent Cross Shopping Centre.

“Four people on three motorbikes armed with what appears to be axes and bats, entered the premises and made off with a quantity of watches and jewellery. No firearms were seen.

“The suspects fled the scene on the motorbikes in the direction of Hendon Central. The motorbikes were subsequently found abandoned a short time later at a nearby golf course.

“There were no injuries although an elderly man was treated at the scene for shock.”

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