Sean Paul’s Ex-Girlfriend Reveals Shocking Allegations He Abused Drugs, Lied, Had Erection Problems

Sean PaulDancehall artist Sean Paul (pictured) is being sued by jilted ex Susanne Persson for $80 million. The blond Swede claims that Paul not only had her illegally deported from Jamaica but allegedly drove her to repeated suicide attempts and subjected her to “starvation, homelessness and loss of an ability to generate income,” according to the New York City, Supreme Court-filed documents reports the New York Post.

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The lawsuit, which also names Paul’s record label, Atlantic, and manager, Steve Wilson, includes an illustrated 126-page tell-all document entitled,  Irie Jamboree: My Life in Jamaica as a Jet Set Slave with the Enormous Secret of a Love Affair with Jamaica’s Perhaps Most Well-Known Dancehall Artist.”

On the cover, the book (pictured below) promises to expose The Truth About Sean Paul’s Cocaine Dealings, Lies, Murders and Erection Problems.“  In the so-called expose, Persson claims she was Paul’s “jet set slave” and endured emotional horrors while with him.

The pair met in 2010 and Persson accuses Paul of constantly sniffing blow, which lead to his erectile dysfunction. The busty blond also says in her 11-chapter supporting document that “if it [Paul] lasts one minute, it is a good day.”

Persson also alleges that she was driven out of Jamaica by paid-off police/immigration authorities, claiming that immigration used bully tactics to forcibly put her on a plane and send her back to her native Stockholm, Sweden, with Paul’s promotion team making the actual reservation.

Paul’s lawyer, Tom Taveres-Finson, vehemently denies Persson’s deportation allegation and told the New York Post, “He [Paul] would not have the power to do that.”

The day before she was ousted from Jamaica, Persson says she attempted to take her own life.  “I had tried to kill myself, losing more than one liter of blood from a cut on my wrist,” she wrote in the court filing. “I had shown the pictures of the cuts to Sean over the Internet. I feel he should see what he had caused.”

In the court-drawn papers, Persson also toots her own horn about her physical appearance by complimenting her ”long, blond Barbie hair” and bodacious “E-cup bra size.”  The filing also states that the nearly 40-year-old Grammy Award-winning artist took countless photos of Persson that she alleges was done “under the pretext of a future marriage.

One thought on “Sean Paul’s Ex-Girlfriend Reveals Shocking Allegations He Abused Drugs, Lied, Had Erection Problems

  1. Mugu. Cut ur losses nd go home. It was fun wyl it lasted and u know it. Wait! Do u rily tink dt any one rily cares on weda Sean has Erectile dysfunction?

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