New trend in Nigeria tattooed Pink lips lwkmd ewwww WTF

nigerian_men_pink_lipsPhoto: Youtube

The western world has contributed to a lot of beauty trends and phenomenons throughout the continent of Africa– some being positive, others not so much. One new fascination is the “Pink Lips” trend, booming in Nigeria. For a mere $30, men have been heading–in flocks– to tattoo parlors to have their bottom lips made pink or red. In the video below, the shop owner claims that they get around ten customers a day looking to get the procedure. “We help out those with black lips, to clean their lips and make them pink,” said the tattoo artist.

Whenever a beauty procedure is created to change the natural makeup of oneself to something more “appealing” (aka European), we have to questions the real motives. Obviously this is controversial and very permanent procedure, so we’d love to know your thoughts.

-Danielle Kwateng

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