zimbabwean woman in leeds sextape in full view of her 3yr old son (*WARNING* MUST BE 18YRS OR OLDER TO VIEW)


AN explicit sex video of a Zimbabwean woman having sex in full view of her son has gone viral in Britain, The ZimDiaspora can sensationally reveal.

The shocking sex video footage now in the possession of The ZimDiaspora shows a young baby boy entering her mum’s bedroom only to find her mum stark naked on top of her boyfriend having sex. The boy who seem not to be appalled by the sinful scene, suggesting that he is by now used to it, calls “mum, mum”, but is ignored by the undeterred mum who instead closes her eyes clearly enjoying sex.

The woman is believed to be living in Leeds and in the video, she speaks to her sex partner in indigenous Zimbabwean Ndebele language.

By Sunday afternoon, Zimbabweans from as far afield as South Africa, United States, Canada had seen the video which has stunned the entire Leeds community.


Due to child protection laws we cannot publish the video.

In the satanic bedroom, the unidentified boyfriend continues shooting the video using his mobile fone during the act, in the process he films the desperate child. The intention of video-recording the evil act has not been established. It clearly shows some evil intentions as the boyfriend’s face who filmed the act does not appear in the video.

Reliable sources say the boyfriend also from Zimbabwe lives in Birmingham and had travelled to Leeds for the specific act. It is not known how long this has been going on.

A top British newspaper has however advised The ZimDiaspora not to identify the notorious couple due to stringent British laws on child protection.

“Identifying this woman may mean identifying the child which is a breach of the Child Protection Act” a British Journalist who is an expert in media law told The ZimDiaspora.

“Obviously this is horrible and unacceptable, but the law ties our hands,” he said.

By yesterday, we were exclusively informed that Social Service officials have visited the woman in question.

Anyone with further information on this story please contact 07534013440 or email fourqall2005@yahoo.com

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