Desperate models gets sexually harassed –Susan Akande

Susan Akande is a popular face in the modelling world, having worked for big brands in the country.
In an interview, she says sexual harassment is not strange in the modelling industry but blames it on desperation.
The 21-year old A-list model acknowledges that models are sexually harassed in the industry. She, however, said it has never happened to her because she did not create room for such.
The fair-complexioned model told Saturday Beats that models who get sexually harassed are the ones desperate for jobs.
Akande said, “Yes I am very much aware that some models are victims of sexual harassment. It depends on the lady and how she carries herself. If a model put herself in a position to be sexually harassed, then she will be. I believe that as a model, you must not be desperate to get a job or earn money or else you will become a victim.
“Carriage matters. A model should be able to carry herself with class and poise. I have never been sexually harassed because I haven’t given anybody an opportunity to do so.”
Being a pretty girl, she said she get advances from men regularly but she has had to learn how to put them off. She stated that her elder sisters taught her how to handle men.
“I am a pretty lady. I know that, so advances from men are expected. I have learnt over the years to handle such advances. I have elder sisters who have over the time taught me how to handle this,” she said.
Akande is a multi-tasking entrepreneur who combines modeling with school and events planning. She is also the managing director of a company that deals in body care products, Stellon Solutions.
“Life as a model has been great and also challenging. As a student, it is not easy combining studies and jobs together. My first experience was working for Orange Drugs. It was a television commercial for Delta Soap and Passion Drink. It was fun but stressful due to the fact that I was new to the game, but now that I have got the hang of it, it’s more fun than stress,” she explained.

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