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Spanish/Asian/Mediterranean decent and raised in the Philippines nice mix


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AFTER Much demands we have finally come around with a truely sensational model who has travelled all over the world with her talent and beauty  dont forget to view her web site

Spanish/Asian/Mediterranean decent and raised in the Philippines.

I like to describe myself as the consummate professional always striving for the beautiful pictorial not just for myself but because i love to make people smile. I love to create the perfect ambiance to catch that perfect moment in a snap shot of time. I am told my eyes are my most beautiful feature, i don’t know about that i just know i love to model and work with top Photographers.

My own outlook in creating the perfect pictorial, You have to have on one hand a photographer who doesn’t see the subject or scene, but feels it, creating it from their minds eye, with the very fabric of their being. Then on the other hand you have a model who trusts and respects the photographer and when she is at ease, she portrays not just with her face or her body but with her heart & soul.

When this union combines you don’t have a photograph anymore you have a masterpiece, a vision of beauty  I use the same feelings to create my poetry.

“We must always paint life with our hearts  and create these masterpieces”

I am also currently spending time on projects on both sides of the Atlantic including England and Europe so are always willing to look at modeling options in those areas. In the last five years I have sampled various different cultures for both high profile projects and pleasure. I have visited,

England, Scotland, Wales, Spain, France, Czechoslovakia, Portugal, Holland, Belgium, Ireland, Phillipines, Japan, China, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Greece, Italy (Venice & Rome)


Touching The World From San Diego

Local socialite and entrepreneur Eliza Cortez likes nothing more than tasting cultures and fashion and has touched most of Europe and its national events with her golden heart. No matter if its modelling,fashion, singing,culture or fine cuisine Eliza’s discerning eye and palate has tasted the finest cultures of the world.
Eliza comes from humble beginnings who worked as a passionate nurse specializing care with the elederly, just a normal girl with an extraordinary talent for bringing sunshine to the hearts of the people she meets or tends too.

From Royal escapades in England to visiting the mystical Acropolis in Greece, from the beautiful scenic mountains of Cantabria, Spain to The romance of Venice, Italy, from the Fashion and culture of Paris, France to the Historical beauty of Edinburgh, Scotland,Pagodas and Great Wall of China ,Hongkong,Japan and  her adventures have taken her to all these and more and to use a Gallic saying picked up on her travels have given her a true “Jeu de Vivre” of life.

One of her most recent jaunts was the premier event in the British Calendar “Royal Ascot” a race meeting attended by none other than Queen of England.  It is the place to be for all fashion and high socialite celebrities so for a true San Diegan like Eliza to attend was something very special.  Her style, panache and grace were instantly recognised as soon as she walked through the gates with the Paparazzi immediately pouncing.  Ascot was suddenly lit up by a Californian shining like a beacon. Whilst gracing Ascot  Eliza was also chosen to be featured on a national newspapers website/video where the fashions of day were discussed by the famous British fashion guru and fashion director of the national newspaper the daily telegraph Hillary Alexander and also had time to talk to the national fashion designer and entrepreneur Jeff Banks CBE a man who twice in the past has been British designer of the year. So for a simple San Diegan to have made an impact on this British national event was a special day indeed.  Seeing the British queen in all regal splendour was the icing on the cake of a special day where Eliza once again left her footprint in the British hearts.

Eliza is involved in many local and international ventures including being the British presenter for a web based cuisine show interviewing top chefs and their signature dishes. She is also Owner/President of her local companies Buddha Bay Productions and Elizasintroductions and elite high end introduction agency offering bespoke services.


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