Beyonce Stuns for H&M Swimwear Campaign


Photo Credit: H&M

Photo Credit: H&M

By: Taren Vaughan

The year 2013 is not even half way over yet and Beyonce continues to do major things when it comes to her career. Despite the lip sync scandal that surrounded her performance of the National Anthem at President Barack Obama’s second inauguration and the controversy that was brought about after she dropped one of her latest tracks ‘Bow Down’ that got a mixture of responses from other artists in the industry, Beyonce didn’t let the controversy or negative talk get her downas the singer nailed her Super Bowl performance and is on her way to putting on more shows for her avid fans across the globe as her world tour began today. Saying before that she has much love for haters, Beyonce has admitted that she is a lot more fearless these days when it comes to the moves that she makes and is more willing to step outside of the box regardless of how people may feel about it.

And though some people slammed Beyonce over her bold track, it hasn’t stopped her from making business moves  with her husband Jay-Z or from landing the major endorsement deals that keep rolling in for her, Beyonce landing herself a multimillion dollar one with Pepsi. The people at Pepsi weren’t the only ones eying Beyonce for their company as we reported that the singer is now the new face of H&M. And as fans caught a glimpse of Beyonce rocking apparel from the H&M summer line, the photos for H&M’s full summer campaign have now been released.

Check out the H&M campaign photos below, courtesy of H&M:

beyonce h&m

beyonce h&m 2

beyonce h&m 3

beyonce h&m 4

beyonce h&m 5

beyonce h&m 6


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