Bow Wow Says He Wasn’t Fazed by Ciara’s 106 & Park Appearance

Photo Credit: BET

Photo Credit: BET

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Ciara is all set to drop her upcoming albumCiara in July, and with her current single “Body Party” making moves on the charts and doing well on iTunes, she went ahead and released the music video. The music video stars Ciara and her current boyfriend Future, and the couple had plenty of steamy scenes together. She opted to premiere the video on BET’s 106 & Park, however, many thought that would be pretty awkward for her considering that she used to date Bow Wow, and the rapper is now one of the hosts of the show.

Bow Wow has already said in interviews that he always felt he could be cordial and professional if Ciara ever made her way back to the show. And that’s because he feels he’s over the situation. He says:

“I’ma just do what I do. I mean, I’ma be Bow. You know what I’m saying?”


Well, he got his chance to prove himself when Ciara made an appearance on the show Monday and to make things even more interesting, her boyfriend Future was in attendance. He gave Bow Wow some interesting looks during the show, and it was a little awkward for everyone when they went through her Instagram photos and posted a photo of Ciara and Future spending time together on the monitor. Bow Wow attempted to show no kind of awkwardness, but it was still a pretty awkward moment.

Bow Wow later took to his Facebook page to let fans know that he wasn’t fazed by Ciara’s appearance and said it wasn’t any different than any other day:

bow wow facebook




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