Kerry Rhodes’ Camp Says He’s Engaged to a Woman

Photo Credit: Instagram

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

NFL star and Free Agent Kerry Rhodes has had a crazy couple of weeks. Not only did his alleged ex boyfriend allegedly out him to the blogs after the athlete denied that he was gay to TMZ paps, but his alleged ex male lover has also been sending photos and screenshots of romantic text messages that make his claims hard to deny. And just days after the scandal broke and made multiple blogs and media outlets, a NFL journalist low-key possibly confirmed that not only is Kerry’s alleged ex boyfriend not lying about their past together, but his teammates knew very well about his sexual orientation and had no problems with it. However, it’s clear Kerry is still refusing to validate his alleged ex boyfriend Hollywood Simpson’s claims, as his camp is now telling the media that Kerry isn’t gay and is actually engaged to be married to a woman. Most find this pretty hard to believe though. Here’s what his camp tells Baller Alert:

According to a member of BA who claims to be close to the situation, Kerry Rhodes is engaged (to a woman) and set to get married this summer.

The woman has yet to be named but is said to be a model who is “drama free” and prefers to “stay out of the lime light”. Another person who also claims to be close to the situation says that she is a “corporate chick from DC” that does not “live off of him” or “prefer to be a Baller’s wife”. Maybe Kerry’s unidentified fiance models and is a corporate chick at the same time. It is possible, I guess. The wedding is said to take place in June and according to one of these sources Kerry has dated this young woman for 10 years.

Again, not saying I don’t believe it, but what about those times Kerry was tied to other women? I would say some names in particular that we know to be fact but I’m waiting on someone (from either side to catch themselves in a lie). If Kerry DID date this young woman for 10 years, where has she been when he has been walking red carpets and attending parties on the arms of other women? Better yet, where was she for the year Hollywood was allegedly living in Kerry’s home?


Meanwhile Kerry isn’t saying anything else about the speculation surrounding his sexuality. His alleged ex boyfriend Hollywood, however, says he should be thankful that he got him the most press he’s ever had in his career.


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