Mimi Faust Says She Doesn’t Want to be a Role Model (love and hip hop ATL)

Photo Credit: VH1

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Last night was the premiere of season two of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. And just by last night’s episode alone, it’s clear that Mimi Faust and Stevie J. are still involved in that crazy love triangle with Joseline Hernandez. Despite Mimi dating someone else over the summer, even at the recent press rounds for the show there was plenty of drama between these three. Joseline even got so heated that Stevie J. bought Mimi some Jimmy Choo’s that she refused to attend an event. As a result of dealing with Stevie J. for 15 years, many have given Mimi all kinds of terrible labels. And the reality star eventually snapped over the criticism in a video, and screamed and cursed that her situation isn’t that different from most. However, most people still aren’t buying Mimi’s point, and she is still getting questioned about why she’s not being a better role model. At a recent press event for the show, Mimi made it clear that she’s not interested in being a role model. In fact, she’s over people asking her about it too. Mimi says:

“I’m not a role model for anybody. That wasn’t my role that I set out to be a role model when I did this show. My situation is my situation. I didn’t come on here to have people look up to me and follow behind what I do.I gotta deal with my sh*t how I feel fit, not how I think someone else is going to look at me. ‘Well, let me think about this because a young girl might be looking.”


There you have it.

In related news, we’d love to hear from you about what you thought about last night’s episode. Was it all you were expecting and more? Did it satisfy? Did it disappoint? Go OFF in the comment section below.

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