Tulisa ‘exposed as a drug fixer’, caught arranging £800 cocaine deal

Tulisa has allegedly been caught on camera arranging an £800 cocaine deal and boasting about her links to drug dealers.

Tulisa was caught arranging an £800 drug deal. Copyright [Rex]

Tulisa was reportedly caught red handed by the Sun on Sunday as she arranged for half an ounce of the class A drug to be delivered to their reporter in London.

“Whatever you want, he’s got it,” she boasted to the reporter before explaining how they go about arranging their deals.

“We talk in lingo, like we know what we want. I can’t call him up and go, ‘’Have you got any?’ I’ll call him up and say ‘Have you got any sweets?’”, the star added.

Tulisa then showed the reporter a text which said ‘green sweets’ for cannabis and ‘white sweets’ for cocaine. Quite honestly, we will never think of pick n mix in the same way again.

The former X Factor judge then gave The Sun’s reporter the number for her friend and said he could sort some ‘white sweets out’.

“You just say, ‘Hi, I’m Tulisa’s friend, and I’m calling you about white sweets’”, she instructed.

The N Dubz star then told him to keep the information to himself and joked: “I don’t think it would sound too good if Tulisa was off finding white sweets!”

However, Tulisa herself insisted that the cocaine was ‘never for her’ because she doesn’t do it however did later admit to smoking cannabis before she goes to bed.

The star told the paper’s reporter, “I like a little weed before I go to bed, it chills me out.”

The man behind the drug deal was later snapped holidaying with Tulisa in Marbella and is known to be one of her closest pals:

Tulisa has surrounded her with her bezzie and some hot men – ideal! Copyright: [Splash]

The paper’s findings have been handed in to the police who will investigate her connections.

One thought on “Tulisa ‘exposed as a drug fixer’, caught arranging £800 cocaine deal

  1. Leave her alone she is Lod enough to take care of her own life. Jesus Christ There are over 20 tons of coke consumed daily . What’s the news?

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