Cops Caught On Camera Restraining A Black Woman & Cutting Her Hair! [VIDEO]

Cops at it


[ione_embed src=// service=youtube width=640 height=480 type=iframe]

22-year old Charda Gregory received a very much unwanted haircut at the hands of a police woman and it was all caught on tape. Gregory called the police herself and told them that she went to a party in Detroit and woke up in a hotel room, thinking she had been drugged. It is unclear why she was then taken into custody by officers on who say she allegedly trashed the Suez Motel room on November 13, 2013. Police detained Gregory and pepper-sprayed her after she kicked the window of a patrol car while in custody.

While at the station, Gregory was seen being slammed against a wall and then strapped down to a chair where Bernadette Najor (a 10-year police veteran) decided to cut Gregory’s hair (for three minutes)! Her reasoning? Gregory’s hair served as a suicide risk. All of this for a trashed hotel…

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