[UPDATE] More Fall Out Over Racist Comments Made By LA Clippers Owner Donald Sterling

The Urban Daily

Donald Sterling

Yikes! You know it’s bad when the disco group The Village People are refusing to let the Clippers use the song YMCA during their games! The updates to this story are remarkable….and according to TMZthe fallout is coming swiftly for Donald Sterling the alleged racist owner of the LA Clippers!

As we previously reported, Sterling was busted in recordings making many disparaging and flat out degrading remarks about black people. Upon a tape being released to TMZ that allegedly contained the voice of Sterling admonishing his reported girlfriend for having pics posted on Instagram with black people. Sterling and his team jumped to deny that the man on the tape was actually Sterling or that the tape was legit. They also misled the public by claiming that the tape was an act of revenge by the woman on the tape, V. Stiviano because she is being sued…

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