Police in festac murder a man in cold blood RIP Oyoma Edewor

Our son, brother, friend, peer was killed yesterday by the police. He was raised in festac and was killed in festac by the same people who are sworn to protect us. His car broke down and he called a towing van. While on their way, they were stopped by the police. The driver of the van refused to stop for whatever reason. When he eventfully stopped, the driver ran out leaving Oyoma and cousins to deal with the police. They were Asked to sit on the floor which they did. While explaining to the officers what had happened, one of them opened fire in Oyoma. The crowd which had gathered seeing this got involved. The policeman said he suspected he stole the vehicle. If you know festac, you would know it’s a small community. Passerby identified him as a member of the community. When the police realized a mob was growing, they fled the scene. Word spreading now is that the policeman was drunk and off duty. This is not the first person being killed by the police. Its very sad this is still happening. The IG’s son was involved in a crash, it’s news but someone’s child was murdered in cold blood and there is silence. Oyoma cannot die in vain. Let the authorities hear about it. Please forward to anyone you know. Broadcast this I beg of you. The blood of the innocent are being shed. RIP Oyoma Edewor


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