Coming Home: Tracy Morgan Released From Rehab & He Wants Privacy

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Rio 2 Premiere - ArrivalsTracy Morgan is going to continue on his road to recovery at home now that he?s been released from rehab.

A month after suffering critical injuries from a six-car pile-up that killed his friend James McNair, MTV News reports that the ?30 Rock? star left the facility where he?d been healing on Saturday morning.

Tracy, who was wheel chair-bound yesterday, went home just as news of his lawsuit of againt Wal-Mart got out. ?In regards to the reports of a lawsuit, I can confirm that Tracy, along with the other victims of this horrific accident, have filed suit,? the comedian?s rep said in a statement.

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Now that Tracy?s well enough to head home, his caretakers don?t plan to slack off in their duties to get him back to his old self. “Tracy has been released from the rehabilitation center and…

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