Mëlānin Box Festival 1st-3rd DEC 15 by Initiative.dkf &Charged Up Ent with BNM & RENN Events.@triforceevents, @houseofalt and World Changer Music

  Introducing a three-day showcase of theatre, dance, music and short film. Dismantling the perceived esoteric nature of creative arts industries and providing the long coveted platform, space and opportunity for Britons Of Colour, creative professionals. Our vision for the festival is one of inclusivity, empowerment, and celebration of and for these typically excluded demographics and their stories.


Mëlānin Box Festival 

1st-3rd DEC 15 – (£12 – MOTD) 

3 days of articulate, unapologetic and raw art! #theatre #film #dance #music @theclfartcafe • 7.30pm #Busseybuilding •Tickets: melaninbox.eventbrite.co.uk • 

Produced by Initiative.dkf and Charged Up Ent in association with BNM & RENN Events. Supported @triforceevents, @houseofalt and World Changer Music. 🎭🎬🎶💃🏾 Full Artist Program: melaninbox.initiativedkf.com 🙌🏾👊 #melaninbox #MBF #Initiativedkf #BNM #BusseyBuilding #CLFArtCafe #festival #BritonsOfColour


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