What happened to Maia Campbell one of the sexiest Black women on the planet see video and sextape inside !!!

I know we all remember that fine ass actress Maia Campbell from 90s sitcom “In The House” right? I mean she was so bad she like a young hood Naomi Campbell and shit. We all discovered years ago that she become strung out on drugs and was working on getting clean. Crack is one hell of a drug and some folks never get clean. Maia seem to have relapsed and is back out here on drugs.

here is a video of the whole history behind this fall from grace to grass https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55rkcW2peP0&feature=youtu.be

We hear she is also bipolar and isn’t taking her meds. Struggle rapper T-Hood found Maia at a gas station in the Stone Mountain area of Atlanta. He had her pump his gas while she told him wild stories about getting raped and having sex with a Persian stripper.


see sextape here http://itsonlyentertainment.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/mitkmi.mp4IMG_6059.JPG

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