Nicki Minaj’s Brother Found Guilty in Child Rape Case

Nicki Minaj’s Brother Jelani Maraj, 38, has been convicted of raping a minor at his Long Island home. Jurors delivered their verdict today (Nov. 9).According to CBS NY, Maraj’s lawyer says he will appeal. The victim, now 14 years old (11-years-old at the time of the incident), testified that she was repeatedly assaulted by Maraj. The victim’s younger brother testified as well, claiming he witnessed one assault. Prosecutors say DNA evidence also supports the victim’s allegations.

Earlier today, it was reported that the jury was unable to reach a decision in regards to the verdict. A released juror issued a statement to Page Six saying: “Based on what the judge said for us to do on the evidence, beyond a reasonable doubt, I don’t think there was enough evidence there to convict him.”

Maraj’s lawyers believe the rape allegations were concocted by the victim’s mother in order get Nicki Minaj to pay $25 million in “hush money.”

Source: NBC NY

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