*Rihanna Finally Posts 👍 New Video 📹 From Inside The Recording Studio* @RealTeeAli

Rihanna, 30, gave those fans desperate for a new album a thrill on Jan. 7. The “S&SM” singer posted a teasing video to her Instagram Stories. While running a filter that made it look like she was made of stars (which shined bright like a diamond) she turned the camera around to show that she was indeed in a recording studio. Rihanna didn’t say anything, save for flicking her middle finger at the end of the video, but this video was enough to get the Navy buzzing.

“Rihanna teasing new music is the best thing that has happened in 2019 thus far. emotions R9 newmusic,” tweeted Thunda_munk. “Rihanna literally about to stop the whole world with R9,” added Jbernardoo. “who u know can reinvent themselves 8 different times for 8 different era’s? 🤣. rih coming for tings once again from # R9,” tweeted cardirobyn, while even a Taylor Swift fan account (TaylorSwiftFak1) said they were “waiting for 3 years…..finally she’s coming so excited!”

📷 – http://v.duta.us/0fFNQwAA

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