Tiffany Trump👀 Narrowly Avoids Wardrobe Malfunction on 💕Date Night @RealTeeali

Tiffany Trump, 25, has a stunning glow and it may be because of her new beau Michael Boulos! The blonde beauty looked as happy as could be when she stepped out for a date with the tall, dark and handsome billionaire in Knightsbridge, London on Jan. 11 and in addition to their nonstop smiles, the couple wore very fashionable matching outfits for the fun night out. Tiffany’s choice, however, narrowly avoided what could have been a serious wardrobe malfunction!

The daughter of President Donald Trump, 72, chose to wear a black blazer over a silky green blouse and fitted black pants for the date and although she looked amazing, her top was very low-cut and almost unintentionally revealed her chest area! Luckily the top stayed up just enough as she walked beside hunky Michael, who chose a black coat with a matching scarf and black pants for his date outfit:

Tiffany’s outing with Michael, who is the heir of the multi-billion Nigerian company Boulos Enterprises, comes after she made headlines for her public pic with him at the White House during Christmas, which she posted to her Instagram account on Jan. 4. Before then, she had never made her relationship with him “official” by posting pics for all the world to see, but now that she has, it’s leading us to believe things are getting serious between the two!

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